Faunakram 600g dog 3-in-1 (10810-15)

Valuepack with 3 different types of our dog snacks. Get good value for your money with a mix of products to keep your dog entertained.

This pack contains: stuffed rawhide bones with lamb and rice flour, soft lamb treats, and collagen chews with chicken in a fun twist shape.

Your dog will love it!

The treats come in a single package that is divided into flavours. The pouch has an easy-to-handle self-closure to keep the contents fresh. Standard languages on the bag are UK, DK/NO, SE, FI, DE, NL, PL, FR, ES, PT.

The product is produced in China in an IFS, BSI certified factory. Faunakram Pet Food A/S conducts control checks of the factory several times a year to ensure that our quality and traceability requirements are maintained at the highest level.

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SKU: 10810-15 Categories: , , , , ,
SKU: 10810-15 Categories: , , , , ,


Chewing bones: lamb (40%), rawhide (40%), rice flour (10%), soy bean protein (3%), vegetable starch (2%), glycerin (4.9%), potassium sorbate (0.1%).

Lamb cubes: lamb (80%), vegetable starch (14%), soybean protein (4%), glycerin (1.9%), potassium sorbate (0.1%).

Chewing twist: collagen (50%), chicken (45%), vegetable starch (3%), glycerin (1.9%), potassium sorbate (0.1).

Unit 600 grams Colli x 6 units 1/2 palle x Palle x

Product number: 10810-15

EAN code, sales unit: 5714736004212

EAN code, colli: 15714736004219

Analytical constituents:

Chewing bones Lamb cubes Chewing twist
Raw protein  45% 25% 55%
Raw fat 3,0% 3% 5%
Raw ash 2,5% 1,5% 2%
Raw fibre 2,5% 0,3% 2%
Moisture 15,0% 15% 15%


Feeding guide: Rewards between meals, reduce feed intake if needed, ensure your dog always has access to fresh water. Store cool and dry. Please close bag properly after each feeding. Animal feed, not for human consumption.

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Faunakram is founded by dog ​​and cat owners and breeders who have dogs and cats as their passion and hobby. Therefore, all products are taste-tested before we launch them on the market. Faunakram sells their products in several countries in Scandinavia and the EU and therefore produces large quantities, which means that the premium products can be offered at low prices.

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