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Check out our wide range of Faunakram premium dog foods, products and treats 



Check out our wide range of Faunakram premium cat foods, products and treats


Why pay more?

We all love our lovely dogs and cats. And we know that quality food can help give our pets a long, healthy and wonderful life. So why settle for less than the best? That was the question we asked ourselves. And the answer was Faunakram - a series of feed products, snacks and accessories that are fully on par with the well-known quality brands - just at a much lower price.

We want to fight for you to be able to afford grain-free with real meat, 100% organic food, and delicious, gluten-free quality snacks every day - even if you have a large and hungry dog. For EVERYONE deserves quality. At Faunakram you can get it at the lowest prices on the market. Why actually pay more?

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Do you have questions about your pet's diet, care and health? Then you are welcome to write to Veterinarian Flemming Obling, with whom Faunakram collaborates. Flemming has run a private veterinary practice for many years and takes pride in answering professionally correct and independent questions.

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