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CSR Policy

Faunakram Pet Food A / S will work to ensure that the company supports the 17 world goals.

Through the company's value chain, Faunakram Pet Food A / S will ensure that suppliers, subcontractors, partners and employees work in support of the 17 world goals. This must be ensured by being in a constructive dialogue with the company's stakeholders, entering into partnerships, ongoing inspection of production facilities, insight into partners' certification visits, and ongoing training and management of the company's employees.

The company's products:
The company will ensure responsible marketing and an honest declaration of the company's products. Packaging design and quality are continuously adjusted, so that all packing material is 100% recyclable by the end of 2025.

Human rights:
The company will ensure that all suppliers and partners  does not make use of child labor, discrimination or forced labor

The company will ensure that suppliers and partners extract and capture, as well as grow raw materials in a sustainable way, CO2 emissions should be limited as much as possible. Pollution must be avoided and transport must take place in the most environmentally friendly way, taking into account delivery deadlines and ensuring that the company does not lose competitiveness.

Labor relations:
The company must work to improve the working environment and employee relations internally within the company and with partners. Accidents at work should be minimized by proactive prevention. Gender equality must be imposed. Training and education of employees is a high priority, within the company and the company's partners.

Financial conditions:
The company must exercise due diligence and ensure proper financial conditions, including financial contributions to society, job creation, responsible investments and reasonable tax payments.

The company will prioritize to support activities in the local communities, among others, by sponsoring voluntary association work. Corruption and cartels are not accepted and the company will comply with applicable law at all times. The company must also require suppliers to comply with both human and employee rights.

Morten Kaas Jespersen
CEO Faunakram Pet food A / S