Faunakram 10L clumping cat litter with lavender (10414)

Faunakram clumping cat litter with lavender scent.

The cat litter is made from bentonite clay, which gives it a strong absorbing and clumping effect. The litter has a fresh scent and superior odor control. The product is dust-free and suitable for all types of cats.

Instructions for use: Fill the litter box with 7-10 cm of cat litter. Remove clumps as you go and refill with more litter as needed. We recommend completely replacing the litter approximately once a week.

NB: Pregnant women and people with a weakened immune system, are not recommended to clean litter trays. Bentonite cat litter should not be flushed down the toilet.

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SKU: 10414 Categories: , , , ,
SKU: 10414 Categories: , , , ,

Composition: 100 % bentonite

Unit x 10 liters Colli x 2 units 1/2 pallet XX colli Pallet XX  colli

Product number: 10414

EAN code, sales unit: 5714736003826

EAN code, colli: 15714736003823

Instructions: Fill litter box with 7-10 cm cat litter. Remove clumps regularly with proper scoop. Refill bentonite regularly. We recommend changing all litter once a week.

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