Faunakram – 400 g – Biscuits Veggie Mint mix

Faunakram dog biscuit mint & spinach mix is ​​a fragrant and healthy snack for dogs. Thanks to its neat size, it also fits perfectly as a reward during training or when the dog needs to freshen up his breath.

The product is developed and tested in collaboration with nutrition experts, veterinarians and breeders to ensure a candy of the highest quality and a high customer satisfaction result.

The packaging is of high quality, the large window allows you to easily see and recognize the product you are buying.

Standard languages ​​on the packaging are UK, DK, SE, NO, FI, DE and PL

Shelf life, 18 months from production date.

The dog biscuit is from a European producer.

SKU: 10035 Categories: ,
SKU: 10035 Categories: ,

Composition: Cereals (wheat, rice), Sugars (glucose syrup), Oils, and fats. Minerals (sodium chloride), vegetables (dried spinach).

Unit 400 gram Colli x 20 units 1/2 pallet x 28 colli Pallet x 56 colli

Product number: 10035

EAN code, sales unit: 5714736001129

EAN code, colli: 15714736001126

Additives: Mint aroma.

Analytical constituents: 

Crude protein 7.0%
Crude fats 6.8%
Crude ash 1.7%
Crude fibres 1.7%
Moisture 12.0%

Faunakram Biscuits Veggie Mint mix 400g

300 dpi

Feeding guide: Rewards between meals, reduce feed intake if needed. Make sure your dog has access to freshwater. Store in a cool and dry place, please close the bag properly after each feeding. Animal feed, not for human consumption.

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