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Terms and conditions

The Faunakram Breeders Club offers many bennefits to it's members. In order to become a member you must meet the following criteria.

  1. You must be an active breeder.

  2. You must have a valid kennel name.

  3. You must be able to purchase at least one pallet pr. shipment (one pallet is standardly the equivalent of 30/40 bags)

  4.  You must be able to inform us about your last and/or next litter.

Are you able to comply with these conditions we are happy to have you as a member of our exclusive Breeders Club. Clik below to access our admission form!


The admission form should be filled out and e-mailed to 
In case of any questions feel free to contact Head of Breeders Club, Frederik Kaas Rolvung. 
Phone: +45 52 30 33 15 

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About Faunakram

Faunakram Pet Food was founded in 2012 by CEO Morten Kaas Jespersen who has a vision about creating premium quality pet food to reasonable prices.

Our founder, Morten Kaas Jespersen has deep knowledge and extensive experience working with dogs which goes ...

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