Faunakram Breeders Club

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Loyalty bonusses

Every time you order products from the Faunakram Breedersclub, you will get acess to special loyalty bonusses.
1. When you have finalized your first order of one europallet (Min. 40 bags) you will receive one 15 kg. (Or 2 x 5 kg.) Faunakram foodtainer (Value 199.- DKK) and a Faunakram measuring cup (Value 49 DKK.) Unfortunately stock is sold out, but we will deliver all backorders beginning October 2019.
2.Free Puppy Goodie bags to all you puppys in the new litters (Value each bag is 200 DKK), if you have purchased other products from the breeders club during the last 6 months. We sent the free puppy bags with your next order.
3.Every time you order min. 15 bags, we will give you a surprice Package of 5 different Faunakram snacks bags total value 100 DKK.-
4. When you have bought the first 100 bags in Faunakram Breeders club, you will receive a Special designed Faunakram "Deerhunter More" softshell patted jacket with knittet sleeves and deertex membrane (Value 599 DKK). Contact our Breeders club manager Frederik, to order your jacket in the right size.
5. When you have bought the first 150 bags, you will receive 2 pcs. of Faunakram Rawhide bones (600 grams each) total value 200 DKK.-
6. When you have bought another 100 bags, and exeeds 200 bags of purchase from Faunakram Breeders Club, you will receive a pair of speciel designed Faunakram Deerhunter Lofoten teflon trousers, color Fallen leaf (Value 499.-). Please contact our Breeders club manager (Frederik) to order the right size.
7. It is possible to change the loyalty gifts, to Faunakram complete feed, please contact our Breeders club manager Frederik to arrange this. Every 12 months period, we start a new loyalty period, so you can start earning loyalty bonus products again.


Faunakram makes special sponsorships deals with different breed organisations of cats and dogs. The main purpose of these sponsorhips, are to help the club to promote dog and cats shows, or other activities ,which helps breeders to select the best pets, for future breeding.

To get access to sponsorship deals, you must represent an organisation of dog or cats, please contact the Faunakram marketing team on: marketing@faunakram.com ,they will assist you in how to be considered as a sponsorshippartner in the future.

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Faunakram Pet Food A/S
Lyngbyvej 403
2820 Gentofte
CVR: 37493449

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