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  • Faunakram Pet Food offers an organic option for both cats and dogs

    Faunakram Organic

    Organic complete feed with a perfectly balanced amount of chicken and vegetables,  creating the best meal for your pet! 


Utforska vårt breda utbud av Faunakram kvalitetsfoder, snacks och tillbehör 


Utforska vårt breda utbud av Faunakram kvalitetskattfoder, snacks och tillbehör 



Faunakram Breeders Club

Vad är Faunakram Breeders Club?

Faunakram Breeders Club is a concept specially developed for breeders exclusively.  
Members are provided with many unique benefits such as sponsorships, loyalty bonus, great offers and much more.

Want to become a member? Read more about the terms and conditions below

For furhter information about the benefits of the Breeders Club membership, please do not hesitate to contact Head of Breeders Club, Frederik Kaas Rolvung. 

Phone +45 52 30 33 15 
E-mail fkr@faunakram.com 

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Our vision is to create the best range of complete premium grainfree pet food, and make it available for all pets.

Faunakram Pet Food have your pet in focus and strive towards the health and happiness of pets through proper feed and guidance.
We aim to offer a complete range of products, to satisfy all kind of breeds - Kittens, puppies, small breed, adult, active, senior, light and large breed.
All products are carefully tested before launch by our network of veterinarians, nutritionists, breeders and regular pet owners.  Our Formulars contain only carefully selected ingredients, in order to ensure that your pet gets the necessary proteins, vegetables, minerals and vitamins, essential for their well-being and optimal development.



To develop Premium Pet food & Snacks, with high percent of meat, according to FEDIAF recommendations (The European Pet Food federation).
FAUNAKRAM Works together with nutri-tionist, veterinarians and breeders.
FAUNAKRAM focus on strictly selected ingredients.
FAUNAKRAM wants to offer more animal protein and less cereal.
FAUNAKRAM wants to inform openly and honestly about our products.
FAUNAKRAM priorities to use factories which has BRC or IFS certification to insure traceability of ingredients and good health of all stakeholders.

Our goal is to offer premium feed at reasonable prices, so every pet owner has access to great pet food.

We support

Faunakram Pet Food A/S is passionate about sports and shows within both the dog and cat category.
Our founder  Morten Kaas, is an experienced breeder of hunting, sportsdogs and Ragdoll cats.

The Faunakram staff have great experience with pets. We want to use this knowledge to offer pets the best meal.

Faunakram Pet Food sponsor a large number of shows all around Denmark. 

Below is a selection of the clubs we support

In search of new sponsors?

You are always welcome to contact us at marketing@faunakram.com. We are happy to support hunting events and shows of all kind.

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Faunakram Veterinarian

Flemming Obling has been running a private veterinary clinic for many years, and thus has solid experience in treating many different pets.
Flemming Obling is a special doctor and Member of the Danish Veterinary Association's eye panel, and performs many eye-notes and eye operations each year and can issue, among other things, ECVO eye certificates.

Faunakram has decided that the well being of animals is a core value of the brand.

It is important that all stakeholders have access to guidance on how our pets are for the best possible nutrition and care.

Flemming obling assists the Faunakram team in connection with the development of products, complaints and applicable legislation within the pet food segment.

Faunakram - we know pets!

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