Faunakram X-mas giftbox dog cookie mix 32 pcs.

Treat your dog with a cookie from Faunakram Christmas Giftbox, which contains 32 cookies. In addition of containing vegetables, the cookies also contain chicken and come in various Christmas forms.

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Composition: Cereals (wheat, corn, rice), Sugars (glucose syrup), Oils and Fats, Minerals (calcium carbonate, sodium chloride), Vegetables (parsley, pies, alfalfa, lupine), Meat and animal derivatives (chicken), Derivatives of vegetable origin (spices), Yeast (brewers yeast).

Unit 135 gram  Colli x 10 pcs 1/2 pallet x 54 colli Pallet x 108 colli

Product Number: 10635

Product EAN: 55714736000542

KOLLI/DISPLAY EAN: 15714736000549

Additives: Colorants.


Crude protein 8.2%
Crude fats 7.0%
Crude ash 2.0%
Crude fibres 3.9%
Moisture 12%


Rewards between meals, reduce feed intake as needed, ensure your dog has access to fresh water. Store cool and dry. Please close the bag properly after each feeding. Animal feed, not for human consumption.