Faunakram 100 g Complete Grain-Free Wet ORGANIC/BIO w. Chicken

Our ORGANIC wetfood for cats offer a complete and grainfree meal with Meat & Derivatives including Chicken (4%). Delicious chunks in gravy.

This wetfood  is developed in collaboration with nutritionists and breeders, to make sure the highest quality level and user satisfaction are reached. An bio-organic option for the cat.

The menu contains 4% Chicken.

Contains Taurin, which supports the heart function.


The bag is premium quality, 9 colour design.

The product description on the bag comes in 7 different languages: UK, DK, SE, NO, FI,  DE and PL.

The product is produced in the EU in a BSI, IFS and BSCI certified factory.

COMPOSITION: Meat* and animal derivatives*1 (including chicken 4% min.), cereals*, Vegetables*1 (peas*
and carrots* 4%), Minerals, Vegetable protein extracts*, Sugars*. *) ingredients from organic farming. 100% of
raw materials of agricultural origin come from organic farming.1) Natural ingredients.

Unit 100 gr. 1/2 Pallet x 132 colli Pallet x 264 colli

Product number: 10182

Sales Unit: 5708356004684

Colli ( 22 pcs): 15708356004681

264 colli on one pallet 1.8 m


Nutritional Additives/kg: Vitamin D3: 247 IU, Vitamin E: 25 mg, Taurin: 1794.82 mg, Vitamin B1: 1.85 mg.


Crude protein 8.0%
Crude fats 5.5%
Crude ash 2.5%
Crude fibres 0.4%
Moisture 80.0%


Energy: 397 kcal/100 gram

Age of cat (uger) <10 10 20 30  


1 år
gram pr day

Adjust amount of food to level of activity, breed and age of the cat