Faunakram 2.5 kg. Organic menu dog whit chicken 24-14

24 / 14
The Faunakram Organic Complete Adult Dog Dry Food is developed for adult dogs.

This organically certified pet food menu contains 21% chicken.

The product is developed in collaboration with nutritionists and breeders, to make sure the highest quality level and user satisfaction are reached.

The bag is 100% bio-degradable, the inside foil of the bag is made of cornstarch. Nice paper bag with colour design.
Possible to fold after opening, to reclose in order to keep product fresh.

The product description on the bag comes in 6 different languages DK, SE, UK, NO, FI and DE.

The product is produced in the EU, in a BSI, IFS and BSCI certified factory.

COMPOSITION: Bio dehydrated chicken (21%), bio maize, bio wheat, bio peas, bio wheat bran, bio animal fat (poultry), bio beet pulp, minerals, organoleptic additives, sugars, anti-caking.

Unit 2,5kg 1/2 pallet x 72 Pallet x 144

Product Number: 10151


PRODUCT EAN: 5708356004141

 Colli EAN: 15708356004148  (4 pcs in a colli)

Additives (mg/kg):

Vitamin A (IE/kg) 14.000
Vitamin D3 (IE/kg) 1.000
Vitamin E (α – tocopherol) 130

Trace Elements

Jern (jern (II) sulfat (monohydrat)) 100
Kobber (kobber (II) sulfat (pentahydrate)) 10
Zink (zink (II) sulfat (monohydrat)) 125
Mangan (manganous (II) sulfat) 5
Jod (calcium Jodatoploesningen) 1,5
Selen (natrium Selenite) 0,2


Tocopherol extracts from vegetable oils (1b306 (i)). 100% of raw materials of agricultural origin come from organic farming


Crude protein 24.0%
Crude oils and fats 14.0%
Crude ash 6.5%
Crude fibres 4.0%
Moisture 9.0%
Calcium 1.0 g / 100 g
Phosphorus 0.9 g / 100 g
Omega 3  0.4%
Omega 6 1.8%

Energy: 365 kcal/100 gram

Faunkram organic food for dogs with
Chicken 24-14

Weight of dog (kg)

10 kg – 20 kg 20 kg-30 kg 30 kg-40kg 40 kg-50 kg 50 kg-60 kg 60 kg-70 kg 70 kg-80 kg

Sustained Activity (>2h)

337 457 567 670 468 862 953

Normal Activity (>1h)

270 400 500 615 720 820 905

Reduced Activity (<1h)

200 337 457 567 670 768 862


Ideally the referenced amount is spread over two meals. You give the extruded grain dry and provide fresh water for your dog.