Faunakram 100 gr. Anti hairball wet food with salmon.

The GrainFree complete Wet food with Meat & Derivatives and Salmon Wet Food menu is developed for cats. Anti hairball effect.

The menu contains 4% Salmon.

Contains Taurin, which  supports the heart function.

The product is developed in collaboration with nutritionists and breeders, to make sure the highest quality level and user satisfaction are reached.

The bag is premium quality, 9 colour design.

The product description on the bag comes in 7 different languages: UK, DE, DK, SE, NO, FI,  PL.

The product is produced in EU in a BSI, IFS and BSCI certified factory.

COMPOSITION: Meat and animal derivatives* 39%, Fish and fish derivatives* (including salmon 4% min.),
Derivatives of vegetable origin (pea fiber 1,3%), Minerals, Various sugars. *)Natural ingredients.

Unit 85 gr. 1/2 pallet x 132 colli Pallet x 264 colli

Product number: 10181

Sales unit: 5708356004677

Colli (24 pcs): 157083560046745708356004667

264 colli on one pallet high=1.8 m

Nutritional Additives/kg: Vitamin D3: 98 IU, Vitamin E: 76 mg, Taurin: 231,23 mg, Vitamin B1: 2,45 mg, Biotin: 0,02 mg, copper: 0,30 mg, Iodane: 0,16 mg, manganese: 1,89 mg, zink: 15,98 mg. technological additives: Cassia gum: 150 mg.


Crude protein 9,5%
Crude fats 4,5%
Crude ash 2,0%
Crude fibres 0,8%


Energy: 397 kcal/100 gram

Faunakram 5 kg. RM sterilized cat w. Chicken

300 dpi

Kattens alder (uger) <10 10 20 30  


1 år
gram pr dag 50 55 70 75 70 60