Faunakram 400 gr. Mix biscuits for dogs

Faunakram 400 gram Mix Biscuits

Complementary pet food for dogs (all races).



Composition: Cereals, Oils and fats, Various sugars, Minerals, Meat and animal derivatives.

Unit 400 gram Kolli x 18 pcs 1/2 pallet x 432 pcs Pallet x 864 pcs.

Product number: 10026

EAN code sales unit: 5708356002819

EAN code Colli: 15708356002816

Additives (by kg): Antioxidants, Preservatives, colourants. Nutritional additives (Vitamin A : 12500 i.u., Vitamin D3: 1000 i.u.)


Crude protein 11.0%
Crude oils and fats 4.0%
Crude ash 3.0%
Crude fibres 1.0%
Vitamine A

Vitamine D3

12.000 iU

1000 iU

Faunakram chicken stick wrap

300 dpi

dog weight (kg) (Units/day)
5-10 5
10-20 10
20-40 20

Give the recommended quantities

Please make sure that a bowl of fresh drinking water is available. Please ensure the pack is properly closed after opening.