Faunakram 250 g grainfree dog biscuits lamb & apple

Reward your dog with Faunakram grain-free biscuits with lamb and apple. Your dog will love it!

Notice that these biscuits are produced in Europe.

These biscuits’ best before date is 18 months after the production date.

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Pea, Potato, Beef meat meal (13,3%), Poultry meat meal (8,7%), Poultry fat, Lamb meat meal (4,0%), Apple (4,0%) (rehydrated from dried apple pieces), Calcium carbonate, Sodium chloride.

Unit 250 gram Colli x 6 units 1/2 pallet x 100 colli Pallet x 200 colli

Product number: 10037

Product EAN: 5714736000658

KOLLI/DISPLAY: 15714736000655


Crude protein 19.6%
Crude fats 10.8%
Crude ash 9.2%
Crude fibres 4.4%
Moisture 12.0%


10037 Grainfree biscuit Lamb & Apple

Dog biscuit, grainfree w lamb & apples

Rewards between meals, reduce feed intake as needed, ensure that the dog has access to fresh water. Store in a cool and dry place, please close the bag properly after each feeding.