Faunakram 120 g Dog snack. Expanded rawhide roll w. chicken wrap

Faunakram Rawhide stick with Chicken wrap, contains 3 pcs of pure joy for your dog.

3 delicious rawhide sticks wrapped with tasty chicken, each 12.7 cm – Your dog will love it

The product is developed and tested in collaboration with nutritionists and breeders, to  gain and maintain a high level of user value.

Faunakram snacks come in a 9-color top quality bag, with large window and top zipper for easy opening and closing. All snacks are delivered in a 4-color Faunakram sales display with 12 sales units.

Standard languages on the bag are UK, DK, SE, NO, FI and DE

Shelf life is 24 months from production date.

The product is produced in China in a IFS, BSI and BSCI certified factory. Faunakram Pet food is auditing the factory several time each year to make sure our demands of quality and traceability are kept on the highest level.


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 Composition: Cleaned, dried and heat treated rawhide 66.9%, chicken 25%, pea starch 5%, glycerin 3%, sorbitol 2%, salt 0.1%. 
Unit 120 gram Colli x 12 pcs. 1/2 pallet x 49 displays Pallet x 98 displays

Product Number: 10087

PRODUCT: EAN 5708356003878

KOLLI/DISPLAY: EAN 15708356003431


Crude protein 70%
Crude fats 1.0%
Crude ash 4.0%
Crude fibre 2.0%
Moisture 14%



RECOMMENDED DAILY INTAKE: Give as a reward between meals, reduce feed intake if needed. Make sure that your dog has access to fresh drinking water, at all times. 
Store product cool and dry. Petfood should not be used as human consumption. 

NB: It is advised to keep your dog under supervision when giving it rawhide snacks due to the potential risk of large chunks, or badly chewed pieces of the rawhide bone getting stuck in the dog’s digestive system.